Aggie Israel Fair a Success

by Hope Beitchman, Marketing and Communications Intern

On April 13th Texas A&M Hillel and Aggie Students Supporting Israel hosted our second annual Israel Fair in Rudder Plaza! With hundreds students in attendance, the event was a huge success!

The event served as a tour through Israeli life, starting by getting a “passport” at the welcome table that would be stamped at each table you attended. When completed you could turn in your stamped passport for giveaways such as t-shirts, phone cases, wristbands, candy and more! The event also featured authentic live music and a photo wall in front of a mock Western Wall. Tables included…

israel-fair 2016

  • The Israeli Defense Forces, featuring our incoming Texas A&M Hillel President Aaron Blasband wearing an authentic uniform. Students at this table learned that while we are 16 or 17 years old deciding where we will go to college, Israelis are deciding what branch of the IDF they wanted to go into. This table was a popular favorite because most visitors didn’t know that military service is mandatory in Israel. Students could also learn about the different branches of the IDF, including the air force, navy, army, and relief. Students also learned about the Iron Dome and the diversity in the IDF.

  • At the popular culture table sponsored by Alpha Epsilon Phi, the Jewish sorority on campus, students could learn about famous actors, musicians, and artists that came out of Israel. Such as Gal Gadot who recently starred in Batman vs. Superman.
  • At the political table students could learn about the government of Israel. Visitors of this table could also learn how to get involved with Israel advocacy on campus, such as joining Aggie Students Supporting Israel with ASSI current president Kristen Wheeler.
  • The food table where travelers could taste authentic falafel, pita, Israeli pickles and hummus was also a favorite!
  • The LGBTQIA table was where students could learn about how Israel was the first nation in the Middle East to recognize the gay community, and the most advanced in gay rights. Gays and lesbians are also allowed to serve openly in the IDF.

  • The Israeli innovations table was where students could learn about the technological and medical advances in Israel. I watched as students stood in awe, not realizing how much of what we use everyday originated in Israel.

If you missed out on the fun, don’t worry! We will be back next year for another great Israel fair full of education, fun, and culture! Take a look at our online photo gallery for photos of our Aggie Israel Fair.