Artists 4 Israel on Campus

by Hope Beitchman, Marketing and Communications Intern

On Tuesday, March 8, Texas A&M Hillel and Aggie Students Supporting

Israel hosted Artists 4 Israel fon Simpson Drill Field at Texas

A&M University. We invited a select group of artists that are internationally

recognized for their graffiti work. Their goal was to come to campus to paint a

giant pro-peace mural while instructing students in how to create their own spray

painted message of support.

Artists 4 Israel goal is to beautify communities, uplift people and promote

artistic and cultural freedoms of Israel. On the Artist 4 Israel website their main objectives are listed as…

  1. Provide artists with direct access to Israel so they can learn about the Middle

    East without the opinions and influence of third parties.

  2. Counter the misconception that the arts community has a monolithic opinion

    about this area of the world.

  3. Utilize the arts to refute propaganda.

  4. Strengthen Israel’s freedoms that make it a home for art and expression

  5. Beautify the landscape and strengthen the spirit of the people of Israel and the

    Middle East.

The organization Artists 4 Israel began in 2009 when Hamas was firing rockets into

Israel, a number of artists concluded that Hamas was not just attacking

Israel with fire, but also attacking the arts: arresting, intimidating, and in some

cases killing artists that tried to express themselves.


Thus, the founding members of Artist 4 Israel made a stand against

this and came together to express their support for Israel and its artistic and

cultural freedoms. 


In 2010 Artist 4 Israel traveled with ten famous graffiti artists and painted

the bomb shelters where innocent children hid from Hamas rockets. This week

we had the pleasure of them coming to Texas A&M’s campus to show artistic

freedom and spread awareness about Israel.