12th Mensch and Chai Member Roll

Our 12th Mensch Club has been around for over 50 years. Members of the 12th Mensch Club are the key supporters of Jewish life at Texas A&M.  Each club member donated a minimum of $1,200 during the current fiscal year and received recognition for their generous support of The Hillel at Texas A&M.  Members of the 12th Mensch Club are updated regularly by our Executive Director, receive complimentary admission to High Holy Day services and dinners at Hillel, are invited to Hillel and donor recognition events, and receive a complimentary 1-year parking pass to park at Hillel for all Texas A&M home football games.

The first home football game of 2022-2023 season is September 3, 2022.  We will begin selling football parking passes July 1, 2022.

To become a member of the 12th Mensch Club, you can donate securely online, though our Venmo account, or mail your check to Hillel at Texas A&M, 800 George Bush Dr, College Station, TX 77840.  You can also become a member by making monthly credit card or Venmo payments.  Simply send us your contact information, including email and phone number, and we will send you a monthly payment link.

A huge thank you to all of our generous donors! We would not do any of this without our support.

Texas Hillel gratefully acknowledges the generosity of the Bar Yadin Family Foundation who partnered with Hillel International to provide matching funds for Hillel Global Giving Week 2021.  Thank you to the Bar Yadin family for their commitment to Hillels across the state of Texas.

2021-2022 Super Chai Members
  • A.I. and Manet Schepps Foundation
  • Charlotte Sue and Richard Alterman ’49
  • Melanie and Richard Bauer ’75
  • Nancy and Arthur Brand
  • Michael Chapman ’80
  • Kathryn and George Eichenberg
  • Anita and Leslie Feigenbaum ’80
  • Rozelle and Richard Gilman
  • Drs. Jessica ’11 and Charles Greenwald ’00 & ’11
  • Hillel International: The Foundation for Jewish Campus Life
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Dallas
  • Jewish Federation of Greater Houston
  • Sharon and Marvin Katz ’54
  • Sam and Anne Kesner Foundation
  • Ben Klein
  • The Nathan J. Klein Fund
  • Arlene ’78 and Lawrence Maze ’78
  • Tamar Elkeles and Larry Michaels
  • Dr. Keith and Mrs. Sherrel Paull
  • Pam and Steve Pluss ’85
  • Russ Rubinson
  • Sam Roosth Foundation
  • Howard Rosenberg
  • Renee and David Waronoff ’86 & ’86
  • Cynthia and Michael Wolf ’67
  • Loren and Robert Wolf ’05
  • Richard Wolf ’73
  • Donald Wolman
  • Kerry and David Wolpo ’81
  • Barbara and Donald Zale ’55
  • M. B. and Edna Zale Foundation
2021-2022 Maroon Chai Members
  • Jill and Scott Chilton
  • Drs. Jodi and Yan Lemeshev
  • Old School Roofing & Construction LLC
  • Kathryn and George Eichenberg
2021-2022 12th Mensch Members
  • Dr. David Anderson ’06
  • Lisa and David Cairns
  • Dr. Alice Friedman ’79
  • Brette Peyton ’02
  • The Rodie Family Charitable Fund
  • Christopher Rodie ’07
  • Patricia and General David Rubenstein ’77
  • Eric Rubin ’06
  • Dr. Stuart and Mrs. Jane Weil ’82
  • Marc Wolf ’00
  • Zinn Petroleum Company