Top 10 Reasons To Attend Texas A&M

Here are the top ten reasons Jewish students should attend Texas A&M University…

10. With an amazing support network for Jewish students from Gefilte Fish Camp for new freshmen to two Jewish fraternities (Sigma Alpha Mu and Alpha Epsilon Pi) and our Jewish sorority, Alpha Epsilon Phi, you’ll find Jewish friends to connect with in our amazing Jewish Aggie Family.


9. One of the key reasons anyone chooses A&M is for the amazing network of Aggies around the state and even around the world who can help out a fellow Aggie find a job, locate resources, or just get settled and find friends. The Aggie network is an extended family that includes over 440,000 former students. Many former Aggies are icons in their career and pillars of their community. It is the distinctive Aggie Ring, designed more than 100 years ago which serves as the symbolic link to the Aggie network of former students.


8. The Hillel building is a great place to study, hang out with friends, or catch a game. Students are provided with 24 hour access to the building, so that if students need to pull an all-nighter for an exam, Hillel is a safe place to do so. Hillel is always well-stocked with tasty treats and hot and cold beverages. During Passover, plenty of kosher for Passover food is available.


7. With a fully staffed Hillel and Chabad, including two campus rabbis, the opportunity for a close personal relationship with Jewish role models to serve as a mentor and guide during a student’s journey through the transitional time of college.


6. Why leave Texas and pay out-of-state tuition when you can get a great education in a place with a great Jewish community and pay in-state tuition? A&M boasts amazing science, business, engineering, and yes, even liberal arts programs!


5. College Station is a great college town. There is plenty to do every day of the year, both within the Jewish community and out in the greater Aggieland community. College Station-Bryan features a plethora of restaurants, entertainment options, and there are even two Targets!


4. The Jewish Faculty Network maintains a close relationship with students and is always available to provide a helping hand in support of a student’s academic career. Jewish faculty provide workshops to students about study habits, getting into graduate school, and doing research.


3. This is not your parents’ Texas A&M. The university is an increasingly diverse and gender balanced (52% male, 48% female) institution that is a religiously diverse community. The students and campus are huge supporters of Israel and of Judaism in general.


2. Texas A&M is the friendliest campus in the country. Students, staff, and faculty greet each other with “howdy” as they pass on campus and everyone is generous with their time and energy in support of each other and the traditions of the campus.


1. Texas A&M is one of the best campuses in the country for Jews and it is a leading pro-Israel campus. The student government has passed pro-Israel and anti-BDS resolutions. The university administration supports Israel with collaborations with several Israeli universities. There are no anti-Israel events on campus, as is found in many major universities, and anti-Semitic incidents are virtually unheard of.


We hope you will visit College Station and Texas A&M and consider it as your school of choice for the education, the community, and the lifelong Aggie family! Thanks and Gig ’em!